AHRI’s publications deliver in-depth and timely information on the issues affecting our industry and membership. These resources foster the engagement and action that is critical to advancing policies that enable manufacturers to create jobs and economic strength.

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AHRI’s most popular publications include:

AHRI Update: AHRI's email newsletter brings you timely, concise policy information. You will receive the latest analysis on topics that most affect the HVACR, gas space heating, and water heating industries, as well as up-to-date information on current AHRI initiatives, standards development activities, certification program changes, and much more. If you are not receiving the newsletter, subscribe today.

Policy and Government Relations Update: For the latest legislative updates and regulatory briefs, AHRI members rely on their weekly Policy Briefing e-mail, which provides quick information on our top priorities in a dynamic format. This publication is available to AHRI members only. Click here to subscribe.

Executive Quick Read: AHRI President & CEO Steve Yurek provides industry updates and important association information to members. This publication is available to AHRI members only.

The AHRI Issues forum on LinkedIn allows you to engage in discussions with AHRI staff and others in the HVACR and water heating industry. AHRI will periodically submit discussion topics, and invites participants to respond and pose follow up questions to collaborate with others and further the discussion.

AHRI Weekly Digest: A lively Monday afternoon email bulletin that provides a quick, but incisive, look at the week in news, both domestically and globally, including economic reports, industry happenings, and all manufacturing areas that would interest AHRI members. Subscribe here. Visit the Buyer's Guide here.

Policy Alert: Straight from AHRI Government Affairs and Regulatory Departments desks, this Email Alert is sent out on the latest happening on Capitol Hill, DOE, and EPA Issues. This publication is available to AHRI members only.


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