Ongoing Projects
AHRTI Projects
  • AHRI-8020: Assessment of Fan Energy Rating Standards Criteria
  • AHRI-8021: Cybersecurity Landscape project on Current Standards

Co-funded ASHRAE Projects
  • ASHRAE-1733: Develop Design Criteria for Psychrometric Air Sampler and Mixer Apparatus for use in ASHRAE Test Standards
  • ASHRAE-1741: Understanding Fan Coil Components and How They relate to Energy Consumption and Energy Modeling
  • ASHRAE-1769: Experimental Evaluation of the Efficiency of Belt Drives for Fans
  • ASHRAE-1773: Ignition Potential from Electrical Devices in Commercial and Residential Applications Using 2L Refrigerants
  • ASHRAE-1785: Refrigerant Change Modeling in Coils for Residential Split Systems
  • ASHRAE-1799: Validation of Extrapolation of Performance Rating Test Results for Small Energy Recovery Exchangers to Large Exchangers